GCT Canada Head Office

1285 Franklin Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1J9, Canada

Our Terminals

GCT Deltaport

2 Roberts Bank Way
Delta, British Columbia
V4M 4G5, Canada

GCT Vanterm

1300 Stewart Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5L 4X5, Canada

Our People

GCT Canada Senior Management:

Eric Waltz, President

Brian Gimblett, VP Terminal Operations – GCT Vanterm

Daniel Howell, VP, Terminal Operations – GCT Deltaport

Ed Kwan, VP, Human Resources

Dallas Leung, VP, Finance & Administration

Chris Ng, VP, Sales & Marketing

Johan (Blackie) Swart, VP, Maintenance


To contact our Senior Management team:
Call: +1 (604) 267-5200


GCT Deltaport

Alex Adams, Manager, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 264-5451

Ben Hawk, Manager, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5494

Roy Kristensen, Assistant Director, DREP
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5520

Colin Parker, Director, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5470

Ryan Thomas, Manager, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5458

Dale Shimell, Director, Maintenance
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5577

GCT Vanterm

Iain Higginson, Manager, Maintenance
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5349

Shakil Karmali, Manager, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5378

Chris Reyburn, Manager, Operations
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5300

Jeff Bellerud, Manager, Management Resource Centre
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5221

Janet Faulkner, Director, Operations Support
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5200

Richard Gray, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5357

Bana James, Manager, Process Improvement
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5312

Lisa Peng, Manager, Finance
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5349

Derek Razzell, Manager, Safety & Security
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5200

Deborah Chew, Manager, Risk Management, Insurance & Claims
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5200

Phil Gallie, Interim Manager, Engineering
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5512

Kevin Hudson, Manager, Procurement
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5290

Jennifer Kim, Manager, Human Resources
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5232

Chris Postle, Manager, Information Technology
Phone:+1 (604) 267-5200


GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.

Corporate Office

Suite 610, The Landing
375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5C6, Canada
Media Enquiries:
Louanne Wong
+1 (604) 267-5102
General Inquiries: