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Proposed GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Expansion (DP4)

Building the Vancouver Gateway Since 1907

As a homegrown, Vancouver-based company, Global Container Terminals has always focused on establishing sustainable and efficient operations that benefit our neighbours, workforce, and customers. For over a century, we have built the Vancouver gateway, pioneered new technologies, achieved greater levels of efficiency, with the goals of improving workplace safety, improving our service levels, and facilitating a sustainable quality of life in our local communities. As private company, we have proudly invested in Canada, spending over $650 million in staged terminal upgrades in the past 10 years alone. As the country’s largest maritime employer, over 90% of our operational expenses are concentrated right in Canada.

Proposed GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Expansion Project

We are proven operators that have developed our operations through smart densification as required by our customers and consumer demand. Uniquely positioned to meet Canada’s needs as a trading economy, we are looking ahead to prepare for our next incremental stage of development. The GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Expansion (DP4) project is a sustainable, phased, and privately-funded expansion of our existing footprint to add a fourth berth, delivering required capacity while minimizing impact on our neighbours, environment, Indigenous fishing grounds, and our workforce.

Join us and learn more about building a better GCT Deltaport.

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Project Related Documents

GCT: PPE Submission to the VFPA

GCT Canada Preliminary Project Enquiry (PPE) submission to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) for the Deltaport Expansion Fourth Berth Project (DP4).

VFPA: Letter of Refusal for DP4

Response from Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) acknowledging receipt of GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Project (DP4), confirming that Terminal 2 is the VFPA’s preferred project for expansion at Roberts Bank, and refusal to process DP4 through its internal Preliminary Project Enquiry (PPE) process.

GCT: Application for VFPA PPE Judicial Review

Application for for Federal Judicial Review by the Attorney General of Canada to the VFPA from GCT Canada, for refusal to process the Preliminary Project Enquiry (PPE) of GCT Canada for the DP4 Project, made on March 28, 2019. This application is active.

Most recent project updates:

GCT Deltaport Intermodal Yard Reconfiguration Project

On October 8, 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) issued Project Permit 2015-029 to GCT Canada LP for the GCT Deltaport Intermodal Yard Reconfiguration project. This project includes the addition of new container handling equipment, as well as construction of a new rail maintenance facility building, and associated infrastructure upgrades at the facility. In […]

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GCT Vanterm Maintenance Expansion & Renovation Project

GCT Vanterm Maintenance Expansion & Renovation Project   Dear Community Member, Please be advised that GCT Canada will commence the GCT Vanterm Maintenance Expansion and Renovation Project on October 31, 2017. GCT Canada is the largest maritime employer in the country. The Project will provide additional office space and ancillary facilities to support our growing […]

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New Ship-to-Shore Crane Delivery and Installation at GCT Deltaport

As part of the GCT Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard Reconfiguration Yard, we are adding two new Megamax ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to our facility. The Megamax cranes will be the largest in North America, and are estimated to arrive around June 7, with offloading and installation taking approximately 10 days in total. To minimize any potential […]

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